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Marflow Shower Fixing Plate (PL8)

Marflow Shower Fixing Plate (PL8)

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Marflow Shower Fixing Plate

  • For use in first fix installations (prior to tiling)
  • Can be used on a solid or stud wall
  • It secures the pipework to the substrate prior to the shower installation
  • It allows the tiling to be completed without disturbing the pipework
  • It provides perfect 150mm centres every time
  • Pipework can be checked as completely level prior to tiling or fitting the shower valve
  • Unlike other fixing brackets, the PL8 requires no depth planning as it can work with any thickness of tile
  • The bar shower is extremely secure once fitted (can withstand a direct pull force of 130kg with no defects)
  • A reduction in installation time of the pipe work & shower
  • Covered by a WORLDWIDE PATENT

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